We are very alert and open to novelty. For a long time, we have felt and noted the changes in the economic world: the “as usual” is no longer relevant, business models must evolve, organizations must be agile:
The customer experience is no more than a matter of statistics but a real understanding of its expectations;
Product life cycles are more and more short with fast changes in consumption or technical evolutions;

To summarize, companies must constantly question themselves and to find back a true culture of entrepreneurship.

To cope with this need for change, it is necessary for companies to have differentiating employees through their agility, curiosity, sensitivity and passion.

aDD VaLueS

The particularity of our firm is to function as a career management agency. Our first client is the candidate. So we do not wait to be on a particular mission to set us in motion, we are constantly detecting new talents just like scouts in the sport.

This differentiating approach allows us to bring real added value: a tailor-made service for the talents we detect by taking care of their career. For companies, this saves time with a quick proposal of profiles that can match them and allow them to be very responsive to an increasingly competitive talent race.


Like Scouts in the sport, we detect new talents around the world in any sector to propose their profile to our clients.

We are targeting profiles that will be able to make decisions and not be afraid of the risk and the unknown, main basis for initiating change.

Curiosity, open-minded, desire to learn are other major criteria in the expected profile.

If you think you have these qualities and have highlighted them in your missions of top management or middle management, do not hesitate to contact us.


You are CEO and want to recruit a team of agile collaborators who will bring a real added value to your business whether by their human or technical skills.

We are committed to offering high quality profiles that will support you and set the strategic vision of your business thanks to their determination, their sense of business and strategy, their open-mindedness and their ability to move forward.

Knowing how to surround yourself with good people is an essential quality for the success of your goals, which is why we help you to get the right people on the road to success.

Be eNGaGeD

All recruitment is based on technical and human criteria. For the first, they are based on an academic background and subsequently professional experiences.

As a recruitment agency, we believe it is essential to commit ourselves to education, which is the foundation.
So we wanted to make a contribution in a collective way with the participation of our customers.

So, we have developed a social business model in which we donate 5% of every mission fee to an association dedicated to education in neighborhoods or in the world.

Be engaged with us and contribute together to participate in a better societal future.

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You have questions or have a mission to entrust us, we are at your service!